L&J Chuckle-us Bag

L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag
L&J Chuckle-us Bag

L&J Chuckle-us Bag

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  • Back to the school party full of excitement and anticipation
  • Rackle & Jackle's Chuckle school bag sympathizes with the feelings of mothers who want to give their child the best gift for a new start, and ensures that the child's school bag is as familiar and comfortable as possible in a school where everything is unfamiliar and new.
  • This is a design product that focuses on the uniqueness of Rackle & Jackle and can only be found at Rackle & Jackle.

    • The sophisticated and lovely ‘pink’ preferred by girlfriends
    • Luxurious and calm ‘navy’ preferred by boyfriends

    The Material :
    * ‘Nubuck’, the main material of the Chuckle school bag, is Rackle & Jackle’s signature material and has the advantage of being resistant to water and pollution. 
    * The choice of a material called 'nubuck', which does not absorb water and does not get wet easily, and light dirt can be easily removed with a wet towel, saves some of the trouble for us, the busiest mothers in the world, and protects our precious children.

    Special Point 1
    * Minimalism and luxury all at once
    * By providing only the necessary storage space for  each design,We wanted to express minimalism yet luxury.
    * It is angled so the shape is maintained.
    * Children can easily organize things on their own.

    Special Point 2
    * Become more unique with sophisticated point colors
    * In line with the two-tone color line introduced this season, a point color is added to the back open pocket.
    * A unique sensibility is realized through a more sophisticated color combination.
    * The lovely pastel pink on the front,
    *On the back, you can feel the sophisticated luxury of dark purple.

    Special Point 3
    * Two way bag
    * The shoulder strap is detachable
    * On days when you want to create a dandy and stylish atmosphere, use the handle as a tote bag.
    * On more active days, you can use it as a crossbody bag to keep your hands free.
    * By allowing one bag to be presented in two ways, We have increased its usability so that it can be used in various places and activities

    Special Point 4
    * Mother's heart 'name tag'
    I really want to write my name because I'm worried about it being lost, but rather than writing it directly on the pretty bag, I need a space to write my name.
    * We actively reflected the opinions of our customers and created a space for them to write their names

    Special Point 5
    * Non-toxic urethane self-made zipper slider
    * Self-produced zipper slider with Rackle & Jackle's logo engraved on it.
    * Made of non-toxic urethane, a soft material that is comfortable to grip.
    * Stability and convenience are added to the unique design. 

    #Size (W) 37.5cm x (D) 8cm x (H) 27.5cm
    #Material 100% Nubuck (Vegan Leather) and Polyster 
    #Made in Korea

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