Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle
Esscentials Lifestyle

Esscentials Lifestyle

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    • We understand better than anyone how scent can communicate with someone far better than our eyes and hands.
    • That's why we created this Lifestyle Spray to help people understand how  to 'cheat' life, by getting accustomed to the need to 'create' atmospheres and comfortable environments desired for any situation, utilizing our powerful sense of smell to make your everyday activities easier to navigate.
    • Lifestyle Spray, a versatile solution designed to enhance every aspect of  your life. Made with care and commitment, the Universal Spray lives up to its name, so it can adapt to various needs, whether you're craving a fresh scent in the room, comfort in your linens, or a fragrant touch on your household items. 
    • Whatever it may be, the choice is in your hands.
    • With Lifestyle Spray, whether seeking tranquility, timeless comfort, or  refreshing spirit, it elevates every moment, making your everyday life truly special. 
    • Lifestyle Spray makes it an appealing choice for those looking to enhance  the quality of their daily lives with captivating scents.

    Lifestyle Spray offers you the luxury of choice, with three extraordinary scents to choose from:

    • Bellissimo: Immerse yourself in the world of eternal charm, where the sweetness of Lily of the Valley, Neroli & Aleo Vera fills the air with timeless allure.
    • Cloud 9: Embrace the serenity of the gentle touch of Vanilla, Rose, Sweet  Melon & Cucumber, calming the mind & heart while enhancing relaxation.
    • Voyage: Provides a full-energy comfort around you with Summer Berries,  Ylang-ylang & Greens, offering a fresh atmosphere and invigorating spirit.

    How to use:

    • Shake the bottle before use to ensure the perfect blend of ingredients.
    • Spray 3-4 times in each desired area such as in the air, curtains, sofa, furniture,  shoes, or anything you desire and feel the serene natural sensation amidst your daily hustle and bustle.
    • Let the sprayed aroma spread and create the desired ambiance.

    Lifestyle Spray adapts to your lifestyle:

    • Room Freshener
    • Bedding, Blanket, Fabric, Curtain Freshener
    • Furniture, Sofa Spray
    • Surface Cleaner; tables, glass, door handles
    • User-friendly design, easy to use
    • Multi-functional, can be used anytime & for anything
    • Safe for children and pets
    • Uses natural Essential Oils
    • Uses food-grade alcohol


    High-Quality Ingredients:
    Our Lifestyle Spray is made using the finest high-quality ingredients, free from harsh chemicals or additives.  We only use pure food-grade alcohol that is safe to inhale, ensuring that every spray is the best and safest experience.

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