L&J Chuckle School Bag

L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag
L&J Chuckle School Bag

L&J Chuckle School Bag

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  • Back to the school party full of excitement and anticipation
  • Rackle & Jackle's Chuckle school bag sympathizes with the feelings of mothers who want to give their child the best gift for a new start, and ensures that the child's school bag is as familiar and comfortable as possible in a school where everything is unfamiliar and new.
  • This is a design product that focuses on the uniqueness of Rackle & Jackle and can only be found at Rackle & Jackle.

    The Material :
    • ‘Nubuck’, the main material of the Chuckle school bag, is Rackle & Jackle’s signature material and has the advantage of being resistant to water and pollution.
    • The choice of a material called 'nubuck', which does not absorb water and does not get wet easily, and light dirt can be easily removed with a wet towel, saves some of the trouble for us, the busiest mothers in the world, and protects our precious children.
    • To bring joy to our daily lives together
    • This is the heart of Rackle & Jackle.


    Special Point 1
    * Adding lightness and convenience to the classic.
    * Although it is a square bag, it is made in a form that removes the lid and can be easily opened and closed with a zipper. 
    * Maintains the classic design unique to the square bag.
    * We made it more convenient for our children to use.
    * It weighs only 650g so that even if our small children carry it, it will not put a burden on their shoulders.
    * Added lightness.  

    Special Point 2
    * Focus children's attention with the one-touch chest belt.
    * For our children who still have weak finger strength, they can easily unfasten the buckle on their own.
    * A one-touch chest belt is used. 
    (Easy to open by pressing the center rather than pressing from both sides)
    Design for safety and health 
    * To help our active children absorb sweat, the back panel and the inside of the shoulder straps are made of air mesh.
    * The back has a diagonal cushion so that the bag can fit comfortably on the back. 
    * By adding a retro reflection function that enables light reflection at night,
    * It has added to the safety of our children even in winter when the sun sets quickly.

    Special Point 3
    * Adds real practicality.
    * A card pocket has been created in the front pocket so that you do not have to carry a separate wallet, which has a high risk of being lost.
    * In fact, it is possible to store check cards for elementary school students, which are used by many children. 

    Special Point 4
    * Storage capacity suitable for school life
    * Suitable for storing masks, hand sanitizers, sanitary tissues, cell phones, etc.needed when going to school. 
    * Storage space is provided in the front pocket.

    Special Point 5
    * Storage capacity 2 suitable for school life
    * A banding pocket is provided inside to provide space for storing tumblers, pencil cases, folding umbrellas, etc.
     * Another band is provided inside the pocket to keep thin and long items such as cutlery containers from falling over. 
    * Storage has been made to increase usability.  

    Special Point 6
    * Hook for hanging name tags, key rings, etc.
    * You can hang a name tag that is essential for school life or a key ring that your child likes. 
    * A separate ring is provided on the front so that it can be used neatly and neatly.

    Special Point 7
    * Non-toxic urethane self-made zipper slider
    * A zipper slider with Rackle & Jackle's logo engraved on it and made of non-toxic urethane adds uniqueness.

    Special Point 8
    * Design that minimizes bottom plate contamination
    * The main material, 'nubuck', which is resistant to contamination, is used as is, but the bottom plate is colored dark gray. 
    * Efforts were made to minimize pollution. 

    Special Point 9
    * Add specialness to uniqueness.
    * We provide 'name customization' to add specializes to your one-of-a-kind bag.
    #Size (W) 30cm x (D) 12cm x (H) 38cm
    #Weight 650g
    #Material 100% Nubuck (Vegan Leather) and Polyster
    #Made in Korea 

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