The Couple Pack

The Couple Pack
The Couple Pack

The Couple Pack

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Filmore's The Couple Pack consists of the Girlfriend Menstrual Cup and the Boyfriend Intimate Wipes.

Girlfriend Menstrual Cup
Filmore’s Girlfriend Menstrual Cup (patent pending) is an odor-proof and leak-proof menstrual cup specially designed for the body of Asian women and beginners.

The Girlfriend Cup is different from other menstrual cups because:
– Made of flexible and anti-bacterial medical silicone.
– It is smaller and slimmer than other menstrual cups, making it suitable for beginners.
– Menstrual cup design with inner rim for easier insertion and opening.
– Can be folded so it’s easy to carry anywhere.

Available in 2 sizes: Mini and Regular.
Mini (can hold up to 13ml)
Perfect for beginners and people with a light flow.
Regular (can hold up to 23ml)
Suitable for people who have tried menstrual cups or have a heavy flow.
This cup will last you up to 10 years – say goodbye to environmentally harmful and expensive pads and tampons!

Latex-free | Hypoallergenic | Toxin-free | Anti-bacterial

Boyfriend Intimate Wipes
Filmore's Boyfriend Wet Wipes do not contain alcohol and fragrance so they are safe for the feminine area, this product contains 99% sterile water and natural anti-irritating ingredients.

Boyfriend Wet Wipes can be used to:
clean the menstrual cup, clean the female area, first aid against vaginal discharge and bacterial infections and relieve itching in the vulva area, clean the intimate area before and after sex to prevent urinary tract infections as well as other fungal and bacterial infections. Contains 30 sheets of biodegradable (degradable) wet wipes made of bamboo fiber.

30 sheets of biodegradable wet wipes in an airtight and anti-oxidization packaging.

Alcohol-free | Oil-free | Cruelty-free | Hypoallergenic | pH-balanced | Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber

How to use
Girlfriend Menstrual Cup
1. Wipe cups with Boyfriend Wet Wipes.
2. Fold the Cup.
3. Relax and insert cup until it fits snuggly inside.

How To Remove
1. Wear for up to 8 hours. Wipe your area clean with Boyfriend Wet Wipes.
2. Pinch the bottom of the cup so the suction is released, and pull gently on the bottom of the cup (not the stem).
3. Empty out your cup, wash the cup and wash your hands. Wipe your area clean again with Boyfriend Wet Wipes.

Boyfriend Intimate Wipes
1. To clean your Girlfriend Menstrual Cup.
2. To clean your area after peeing to reduce the risk of infections.
3. To clean your area after sexual encounters to reduce the risk of STDs and infections.

Filmore's The Couple Pack provides relief and makes you fuss-free if you have a heavy menstrual flow.

Girlfriend Menstrual Cup
Made of 100% WACKER Germany medical standard silicone.

Boyfriend Intimate Wipes
Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Chamomile, Licorice, Pomegranate.

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