Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist
Esscentials Sleep Mist

Esscentials Sleep Mist

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  • Sleep Mist - DREAM ON

    • Prepare to be taken to a realm of peace with the enchanting scent of   DREAM ON Sleep Mist 🍃
    • The combination of pure essential oils Lavender, Chamomile, and Vanilla creates a symphony of gentle tranquility that leads you to a deeper slumber.
    • DREAM ON Sleep Mist combines the soothing scents you love with a new  sense of comfort, helping you unwind and slip into a deeper sleep.

    • Lavender: The calming embrace of Lavender indulges the olfactory senses,  soothing away the day's stress.

    • Chamomile: The gentle touch of Chamomile ensures a journey to pleasant  dreamland.

    • Vanilla: The warm aroma of Vanilla creates a sense of comfort, making you feel  calm and relaxed.

    How to Use: 

    1. Use DREAM ON Sleep Mist alongside REST EASY for a unique bedtime  routine to help you sleep through the night.

    Sleep Mist - REST EASY

    • Unlock the secret to deep, restful sleep with Esscentials Sleep Mist, your  pathway to sound slumber and waking up refreshed. 
    • Crafted to instill calmness and relaxation into your nightly routine. 
    • Sleep Mist has proven to assist thousands with their insomnia struggles — a natural solution for those seeking peaceful sleep every night.
    • At Esscentials, we believe in the power of nature. 
    • That's why our Sleep Mist is crafted with high-quality ingredients, free from harmful chemicals or harsh additives. We also only use pure Food-Grade Alcohol.
    • With Esscentials Sleep Mist, your sleep time becomes your sanctuary. 
    • The perfect time to embrace tranquility, release the stresses of the day, and welcome the embrace of restful sleep. 
    • Discover the sensation of deep, peaceful sleep with Esscentials REST EASY  Sleep Mist. 
    • Make Sleep Mist a part of your bedtime routine, and wake up in the  morning feeling energized and refreshed.

    With a blend of the highest therapeutic-grade pure essential oils:

    Lavender :

    • A natural way to reduce stress and promote quality, restful sleep. Lavender  is your natural sleep blanket in a bottle.

    Ylang Ylang :

    • Adds a luxurious touch to your sleep, greatly aiding in calming the mind  and enhancing comfort.

    Frankincense :

    • Provides a warm touch that enhances overall tranquility and comfort,  facilitating quicker attainment of deep, restful sleep.

    REST EASY Sleep Mist:

    • Aids relaxation process
    • Reduces stress, helping you feel calm and serene after a long day
    • Enhances sleep quality, leaving you refreshed and energized upon waking
    • Sends a natural signal to your body that it's time to unwind and prepare for rest
    • Antibacterial, can eradicate bed mites
    • Registered with the Ministry of Health ID 20605220057
    • Refillable & Recyclable packaging 🌎 #SaveOurPlanet

    How to Use:

    1. Shake the bottle, 5 minutes before bedtime, spray 4-5 sprays onto your  bedding such as on the mattress, pillow, bolster, blanket, in the air, or on the sofa. 
    2. Then let the calming aroma envelop you as you prepare to relax and sleep peacefully.
    3. Take deep breaths and inhale the scent of Sleep Mist, releasing tension, and surrendering to comfort. 
    4. Feel the difference with REST EASY Sleep Mist.
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