Easy to Dew Brush

Easy to Dew Brush
Easy to Dew Brush
Easy to Dew Brush

Easy to Dew Brush

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Custom-designed to fit your hand like a glove, Dew It Easy to Dew Brush follows your curves with two multifunctional sides for an all-rounded in-the-shower experience. The densely packed silk gives you a pampering and luxurious feel to any shower while blending both gel and cream soaps to a perfect velvety lather. Switch to the hypoallergenic silicone brush side for a deep-cleansing gentle massage combined with your favorite scrub. The brush also works wonders for a healthy dry brushing routine. Now you can Dew It anytime you want!

Multifunction | Ergonomic | Vegan | Hypoallergenic

How to use
Glide the brush along your arms, legs, and back.

Use 2 times a day.

Your skin will feel smooth and supple.

Usage Tips
Apply with Dew It Body Silk.

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