Skinny Silk Set

skinny silk set
Skinny silk set 1

Skinny Silk Set

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White Trousseau's hair scrunchie designed to avoid hair creases, hair tangles, reduce frizzy hair and hair breakages.
Aside from looking shiny and stylish, these mulberry silk scrunchies also protect the hair. It cuts down on friction and tension that's associated with traditional elastic hair ties since it has a natural slippery feel. As a result, these scrunchies are gentle to use on dry, damaged, and weak hair to reduce breakage.
Keep a couple in your work and gym bags.
White Trousseau's Skinny Silk Set comes in a set of 5 skinny scrunchies: Mint green | Champagne | Blush Pink | Rose Gold | Gold | Navy

Ingredient :

OEKO-TEX® certified 100% pure mulberry silk

How to use :

Use as often as desired.


Results :

White Trousseau's Skinny Silk Set is made with OEKO-TEX® certified 100% pure mulberry silk that keeps the hair soft and crease-free.

Usage Tips :

Pair it with White Trousseau's Aurelie Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask.
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