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Period Care Kit

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Ying Yi Wellness's Period Care Kit is essential for ladies going through their monthly cycle. The kit consists of the YY Herbal Warmer and the YY Wellness Period Care Routine.

YY Herbal Warmer:
It offers comfort and versatility, alternating between soothing period cramps and relaxing sore neck muscles, or just about wherever your body might be needing a warm hug
YY Wellness Period Care Routine:
Pre-packed into 21 individual tea bags, YY Wellness teas are fuss-free and straightforward. Formulated with a blend of traditional Chinese medicine herbs, each tea bag is designed to help you rebuild and restore your body through each cycle.

How to use
YY Herbal Warmer
Place the heated warmer on your lower abdomen or any sore muscles that you have until it cools, or until you stop feeling the discomfort.

As frequent as desired

YY Wellness Period Care Routine
Put the teabag in a cup. Pour in 300-400ml of boiling water at 100degrees Celsius and let it steep for around 5 minutes. Take out the tea bag and enjoy your tea. The teabag can be rebrewed up to 3 times.

1 packet of Period Care Routine works on a 3 seven-day cycle, with a rest in the last 7 days of the 28-day cycle.

Yellow Pack: Drink this after finishing 4 White Packs. Consume it once a day for 12 days straight.
Pink Pack: Start this on the first day of your period. Consume it once a day for 5 days straight.
White Pack: Start on the first day after your period clears. Consume it once a day for 4 days straight.

YY Wellness Period Care Kit is meant to relieve and aid women's painful and tiring menstrual cycle every month. It is intended to help soothe the pain and make ladies feel much better.

YY Wellness Period Care Routine
Pink Pack- During Period (Day 1-5)
To minimise the discomfort during this month and calm those frazzled nerves.
White Pack- After Period (Day 6-9)
Replenish and rebuild your body's energy as you recover from all the outflow of blood.
Yellow Pack- Before Period (Day 10-21)
Nourish and rebalance your body in preparation for your next cycle.

Usage Tips
YY Herbal Warmer
When you first receive the YY Herbal Wellness, you will find 2 parts: A warmer and a drawstring pouch. Place the whole YY Herbal Warmer, including the drawstring bag into the microwave and heat it up for 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a steamer and steam it for up to 5 minutes.

Care Tip: Carefully remove the YY Herbal Warmer, using the blue strings to avoid the heat from the steam. Reusable up to 100 times

YY Wellness Period Care Routine
First 5 days of your period: The Pink Pack tracks the first 5 days of your cycle, starting from the first day of bleeding. The 5-day period is merely an indicator of the average period length. If your cycle is longer, simply stop at day 5 and rest until your period is over. If your cycle is shorter, stop consuming the Pink Pack once your bleeding stops and simply switch out to the White Pack!

When the bleeding stops: Once your bleeding clears, you can start with the White Pack for the next 4 days of your cycle. The date of ovulation (in principle, one week after your period ends): The Yellow Pack is meant to track the period between the start of ovulation and the start of your next cycle.

As a general rule, you may commence consuming the Yellow Pack one week from the end of your last period, for the next 12 days.

YY Herbal Warmer
Chinese Magnolia Vine (五味子), Liquorice Root (甘草) (British spelling of Licorice), Mugwort (艾草), Star Anise (大茴), Costus Root (廣木香), Cassia Seed(決明子)

YY Wellness Period Care Routine
THE YELLOW BAG (before period)
Chinese Angelica (當歸), White Peony Root (白芍), Hawthorn Fruit (山楂), Liquorice Root (甘草), Mint(薄荷), Wolfberry (枸杞)

THE PINK BAG (during period)
Szechwan Lovage Rhizome (川芎), Chinese Angelica (當歸), Poria (茯苓)

THE WHITE BAG (after period)
Tangshen (黨參), Chinese Magnolia Vine (五味子), Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber (麥冬)


We currently do not ship to Thailand and Vietnam. 

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