Pink Lake Hillier

Pink Lake Hillier
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Pink Lake Hillier

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RECLASSIFIED's Pink Lake Hillier imagines the fruity scent of cherry romance in the air, enveloped by the shy fresh tangy scent of green apple and green scent of olive leaves.
Reclassified diffusers have been a favourite in style-conscious homes and sophisticated individuals by combining premium fragrances and a chic design.
Provides long-lasting aromatic bliss, stress relief, relaxation and a mood-enhancing environment for the soul and mind.
Adds an elegant scented backdrop to any space for approximately 3-5 months.

Ingredient :

Cherry • Green Apple • Olive Leaves • Cedarwood

How to use :

Place the reed diffuser in the bottle and may take up to 24 hours before smelling the scent.

Use any desired amount throughout the day.


Results :

RECLASSIFIED's Pink Lake Hillier helps to improve your mood and gives you clarity.

Usage Tips :

It is recommended for bedrooms, study rooms, and living rooms.

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