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Therapy Vital Hair Serum

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Dr.ENZYME Vital Hair Serum is made of 100% plant enzyme extracts and traditional Chinese medicine.
With super herbs like ginseng and ginger, it nourishes, regenerates and rejuvenates your scalp, giving it a boost of energy to stimulate hair follicles for fuller and healthier hair.
Types of targeted hair problems:
- Itchy and flaky scalps typically caused by build-ups of sebum and oil, causing blockage to the hair follicles
- Dandruff caused by extra sebum produced by the scalp due to either hormonal imbalance or external factors such as humid weather.
- Lack of nutrients such as Vitamin A and D, which contributes to hair loss
- Hormonal imbalances eg, postpartum hair loss
- Imbalance diet/ use of chemical shampoo, in the long run, resulting in weak hair follicles and more
Vegan | Plant-Based | Hypoallergenic | Artificial Colors Free | Synthetic Preservatives Free | Paraben Free | Phthalate Free



Enzyme extracts of ginseng root, notoginseng root, ginger root, fo-ti root, oriental arborvitae leaves, mugwort, milkvetch, mulberry leaves, black beans, herbs (mugwort, lemon leaves, ginger, mint) infused water, herb (ginger, oriental arborvitae leaves, garlic) infused ethanol, essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree, rosemary and ylang ylang.

How to use:

Shake before use. Spray product onto clean scalp and massage thoroughly, ideally once daily before bedtime. Allow 30 minutes for the scent to dissipate. This formula is a leave-in treatment, do not rinse after application.

Results :

Dr. Enzyme Therapy Vital Hair Serum helps to nourish, regenerates and rejuvenates your scalp, giving it a boost of energy to stimulate hair follicles for fuller and healthier hair.

Usage Tips :

Results are guaranteed when using for an extended period of 3 months (3 bottles).

For best results, pair it with Dr Enzyme Therapy Hair Wash.

Once done using, let the candle sit

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