Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban
Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Turban

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White Trousseau’s 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Turban encourages your natural oils on your scalp to spread evenly from the roots to the tip, preventing your hair from greasiness throughout the night and hair products from transferring to your pillow and pores! Plus, covering your hair with our silk turban preserves your curls and blowouts - less friction, fewer worries!

The comfort of our silk turban, with a super elastic band wrap, protects your hair from that nightly friction when you sleep! This is especially important as our turban is Specially designed with colored, curly, and thick hair in mind! 

Ingredient :

100% Mulberry Silk.

How to use :



Usage Tips :

For best results, pair it with our matching Aurelie Pure Silk Sleep Eye Mask!

Wash your silk with care will help the longevity of your silk’s life. Hand wash only with mild detergent or shampoo.

Do not wring, gently press off the water and hang dry (away from sunlight)!

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