Mission Critical Acne Patch


Mission Critical Acne Patch

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Experiencing a sudden outbreak?
Rooki Beauty's Mission Critical Acne Patch is a one-step, zit-busting solution to your pimple problems. This adorable acne patch kit contains 36 heart-shaped patches of 2 sizes made with hydrocolloid - a gentle, drug-free and innovative non-drying technology that absorbs excess fluid like oil and pus, creating a sterile environment that speeds up skin healing. 
This is the perfect acne-fighting treatment to treat ‘maskne’.

How to use
Simply stick one of the 36 heart-shaped acne patches over your zit and leave it overnight to work its magic! Works best on pus or fluid-filled pimples and for spot-treating breakouts.

Rooki Beauty's Mission Critical Acne Patch helps to minimize breakouts overnight and significantly reduces the appearance of those pesky zits.

Usage Tips
For best results, wear for at least six hours.

Formulated with Hydrocolloid.

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