O.A.C Candle

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O.A.C Candle

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RboW's O.A.C Candle reimagines scented candles with an artistic shape, which presents a refined atmosphere and the inspiration of the day.

Delicately crafted sphere shape on two pillars creates elegant curves and a smooth surface of perfect symmetry representing that the scent stands on its own.
This elevated art object is filled with natural soy wax adorned with an attractive jasmine scent, exotic patchouli, and the softness and warmth of amyris.
Brighten up any space with the aesthetic element.

Ingredient :


How to use :

For optimum performance, burn the candle for at least 2 hours during your first session.
This will allow the candle to create a wide burn pool and melt evenly.


Results :

RboW's O.A.C Candle leaves your room with the scent of jasmine.

Usage Tips :

Always trim your wood wick before relighting, it prevents soot in your candles and will help foster a steady, low flame.

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